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On March 11 and 12, 2015 Data Centre World Exhibition was held in London and Airsys, as the only Chinese brand regarding data center cooling products, participated in the exhibition with more than 400 international leading data center product suppliers.


2015 Data Centre World Exhibition is the largest and most influential professional data center meeting across the world. Participants are engage in all kinds of data center businesses, such as power, cooling, heating, ventilation, security, risk management and virtualization technology. Attracted by exhibitors of international leading levels and cutting-edge and practical technical seminars, data center decision-makers of countries took part in such exhibition.

As the supplier of British Telecom data center cooling equipment, Airsys brought three kinds of products to the exhibition, namely, DATACOOL-PACKAGE series AIO computer-room air-conditioning unit with natural cooling, FREECOOL-HD series high density and natural cooling unit and FREECOOL-AD adiabatic evaporation and cooling unit; such three products are customized by Airsys to British Telecom after thorough consideration of the climate in Europe and data center features. On the exhibition, Airsys attracted many visitors who showed great interest to data center solutions.


Chen Yunshui, as the CEO of the only Chinese data center cooling enterprise participating, delivered a speech themed “Energy Saving Cooling Solution for Data Centre” and introduced in details the common energy saving measures adopted by data center and energy saving solutions developed specifically for data enter, including high efficient product, unit natural cooling technology, chill water unit with natural cooling + chill water unit compound cooling program and CFD simulation energy saving analysis, which appealed to data center experts around the world and all seats were occupied.

Over the past decade, Airsys has played a active role in international market competition and become the cooling system supplier for many famous international telecommunication operators with its stable and reliable products, the intelligent solution and perfect service, such as British Telecom in UK, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless in USA, Turkey Telecom, TurkCell in Turkey, Reliance Communication in India, Nepal Telecom, Orange in France and Eltek. So far, Airsys has established marketing institutions in more than 20 countries and its products are widely used across the world. Airsys will continue to expand international market and spare every effort out to build an excellent Chinese brand!