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Customer Introduction

Emerson Network Power is a subsidiary of the American Emerson Electric Company. It has 28 offices and 29 user service centres all over China. Emerson Network Power has the broadest and most comprehensive industrial network power product lines as well as  industry-leading network power technologies, R & D, product manufacturing and service platforms.


Emerson Network Power is committed to combining science and technology with application engineering technology, providing customers with the most competitive adaptive solutions for end-to-end integrated network power, creating competitive advantages for customers. The adaptive solutions for end-to-end integrated network power provided by Emerson Network Power involve product fields such as communication power supply, board mounted power (BMP) supplies, custom power (CP) supplies, UPS, precision air-conditioners for computer rooms, outdoor integrated communications cabinets, server cabinet systems, automatic transfer switch (ATS), static transfer switch (STS), power network protection products, batteries, low-voltage distribution cabinets, server power management (SPM) systems, power supply monitoring systems (PSMS) and environment monitoring systems, electric operating power, AC frequency conversion speed regulators, programmable logic controllers (PLC), etc.

The Cooperative Relationship with AIRSYS

AIRSYS has partnered with the Communications Power Division of Emerson Network Power to provide temperature control solutions for cabinets.

The Cooperation Period